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Master Your Emotions

So, how are you feeling?

Let's talk about emotions – if it's too uncomfortable talking about your own, we can just cover the psychology of emotions generally. Jk. Of course we're talking about your emotions! 

Over the past few weeks, I went down a rabbit hole of emotion theory (like, how can we not have an agreed upon theory of how you feel things?) and I landed in a helpful place – there is lots of research that suggests just detailing and categorising your emotions helps you better identify and regulate them in the future. 

For example – there are probably 50 ways you can feel sad. Are you remorseful? Dejected? Heart-broken? Despondent? Figuring this out has been found to improve anger management and stress and curb excessive drinking in people feeling down. Which is a pretty impressive result considering it's something so simple (albeit uncomfortable). 

I hope you find this video useful – despite it's little dive into Psych 101 emotional theory – and enjoy the lesser-known emotions and cultural expressions I've thrown in there.

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